December 01, 2010
Expires January 01, 2017

CME Activity

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Sample questions:
Mann's (1998) diathesis–stress model of suicidal behavior is a useful clinical construct, wherein diathesis represents more long-standing components, while stress relates to more momentary circumstances. Suicidality is felt to result when an acute stress is "superimposed" on a suicide diathesis. Which of the following components would be considered a stress rather than a diathesis component of suicidal behavior?
Serotonin hypofunction has been correlated with suicidal behavior and has been proposed as a biological marker for suicide risk. Factors associated with lower serotonergic activity and greater suicide risk include all of the following except
Kishi and Kathol (2002) described four "pragmatic reasons" for suicidal acts. Which of the following is not one of these four reasons?