December 01, 2010
Aggression and Violence
Expires January 01, 2017

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Sample questions:
The association of violence and psychiatric disorders has been the subject of various studies. However, not all psychiatric disorders confer the same risk of violence. In the study by Swanson et al. (1990), which of the following psychiatric disorders was associated with the lowest risk of violence?
Aggressive behavior can be viewed as the product of an interaction between a host with a baseline propensity for aggression and specific provocations (agents) in particular contexts (circumstances). Within this framework, which of the following would be a circumstance associated with violence, rather than an agent?
The prefrontal cortex is functionally implicated in the control of aggression and the maintenance of self-control and prosocial behavior. Patients with which of the following types of dementia characteristically exhibit disinhibited behavior, including impulsivity and aggressive outbursts?