May 01, 2009
Ethical Considerations in Psychopharmacological Treatment and Research
Expires May 31, 2015

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Sample questions:
There are key ethical skills that are crucial to psychiatric practice and of relevance to psychopharmacology. You are asked to evaluate a psychiatric colleague’s clinical practice at your medical center. He is an attending on the inpatient psychiatry unit. You learn that he was recently devastated by the suicide of one of his patients. From a review of his medical records and a discussion with clinical staff on the unit, you learn that he has been much more aggressive in using pharmacotherapy, and there are instances where it appears that patients whom he is treating were not provided with appropriate informed consent to treatment. Which of the ethical skills for this psychiatrist may be affected?
Physicians are in a position of trust with a duty to act on behalf of their patients’ best welfare. What is this responsibility called?
Decisional capacity has been described as consisting of four abilities. Which of the following is not a component of decisional capacity?