February 01, 2009
Use of the Laboratory in the Diagnostic Workup of Older Adults
Expires March 01, 2015

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Sample questions:
You are treating an 83-year-old patient for depression and she develops fatigue, nausea, dizziness, gait disturbances, forgetfulness, confusion, lethargy, and muscle cramps. You obtain a general chemistry panel, and her serum sodium concentration is 120 mEq/L. What psychotropic medication has been reported to produce this condition in the elderly?
You are asked to evaluate a 79-year-old man who was hospitalized on the general medical service for evaluation of mental status changes associated with malnutrition. You recommend to the medical team that they order a serum homocysteine level. The resident asks why the order is necessary. All of the following answers are true except
In a community psychiatry clinic, you see for the first time a 78-year-old patient who has been treated for a number of years with thioridazine. You immediately decide to order an electrocardiogram (ECG). What ECG changes are you particularly concerned about?