February 01, 2009
Physiological and Clinical Considerations of Geriatric Patient Care
Expires March 01, 2015

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Sample questions:
You have a 70-year-old physician patient whom you have treated for a number of years with psychodynamic psychotherapy. She notices that her vision is somewhat impaired around twilight. She asks you about any age-related changes to the eye that may have occurred. Your explanation of age-related changes to the eye that may be impairing her vision at twilight includes all of the following except
The heart and blood vessels in the aging patient undergo significant anatomic and physiologic alterations. Which of the following is an example of these changes that occur with aging?
Your 72-year-old male patient asks you what he could do to improve his respiratory functioning because he has noticed a marked decrease in his respiratory capacity. Although you tell him that respiratory decline cannot be reversed, you recommend which of the following, which has been shown to slow the rate of decline?